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MoneyMasterminds is here to take the stress of implementation and ongoing management of your NDIS plan

MoneyMasterminds is here to take the stress of implementation and ongoing management of your NDIS plan. We Dare to be Different by offering you service with a personal touch from honest, respectful, caring representatives who will help you throughout the entire process, ensure the services engaged help you to achieve your goals, and assist to manage your plan through to the next review and beyond. We take a long term view in goal setting for plan reviews and can facilitate all reporting etc that is needed for those reviews. We can assist in ensuring that you are prepared for these reviews and you are working towards those long term goals.

We work closely with all parties to manage your funds and services, with the flexibility needed to make the most of your NDIS plan. It’s imperative that we work hand in hand together with the best interests of the participant at the forefront.

The goal of MoneyMasterminds from a support coordination point of view is to provide both participants and their providers with the customer service usually offered by business, and the personal care needed for this industry. We fully understand the implications for a participant if they do not receive the services they need, that tie closely to their goals and allow them to live their best life. We look forward to providing the peace of mind that the aspects of a plan will be taken care of, allowing all the opportunity to concentrate on providing the participant with everything they need.

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There are three types of support coordination offered within the NDIS.

Support Connection

Some assistance required to start plan, link to providers and monitor plan progress

Support Coordination

Assistance to start plan, monitor plan (including active plan management) and address barriers

Specialist Support Coordination

As above, but with the requirement for a specialised framework necessitated by specific high level risks/needs. MoneyMasterminds does not currently offer these services but can connect you with alternative providers who do.

MoneyMasterminds’ Support Coordination services for participants include:

  • Maintaining detailed records in case of audit
  • Engagement and review of all services in line with plan goals and what is necessary and reasonable for your disability
  • Assistance in management of funds and providers to ensure plans are not overspent and there are enough funds for the provision of necessary reports
  • Liaising with the NDIS with respect to the viability of requested services
  • Working proactively with participant/nominee to ensure all funds spent and in the most flexible way possible within the NDIS guidelines.
  • Liaising with third parties to ensure all reporting requirements are completed within the necessary timeframe prior to plan reviews.
  • Assistance in setting long term goals, identifying potential funding possibilities based on these goals.
  • Assistance on what to raise within a plan review meetings, provision of information to justify it. We cannot advocate for you, but we can help you advocate for yourself.